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We are a team of digital marketing experts based in London, specializing in delivering digital marketing solutions to the dental industry. Our passion and enthusiasm for all things creative is at the core of the creative solutions. We use the latest digital techniques to ensure that we deliver will value for your dental practice. Get in touch

How we work

By collaborating closely with you we can meet your needs. We concentrate on understanding your requirements and convert these to solutions using the right tools. And we support you moving forward, from making web updates to PPC/SEO campaigns and social media. We are flexible in our working, and believe that every client, and therefore every solution, is unique. Services
Before the Internet, the only way for a business to reach potential customers was through traditional media - placing ads on yellow pages, newspapers, radio, TV and billboards…which mainly large companies could afford
Welcome to the internet – its reach and power of is unparalleled. And it’s great for your dental practice since it’s your own 24/7 broadcast channel. Target potential patients and interact with them. And the website journey doesn’t end here. We can also optimize your new website for successful internet marketing
Before the internet made life easier people had to call you for directions and use a paper map to find your office.
Your customers now use Google Places and Google Maps to search for local practices (you may have noticed Google presenting search results with maps). We will get you listed in the proper manner and make it easy for your clients to find you with a map on your site.
In the olden days before the Internet, buying ads with a targeted audience reach (TV and radio) was prohibitively expensive for most professionals and small businesses
PPC guarantees top search engine positions for your website depending on the amount you bid per keyword. And it gives immediate results. With PPC, we can target your ads very specifically for your audience
Optimizing your adverts before the Internet involved a few lines of ad copy that would accompany your listing in the yellow pages or in a newspaper ad
Now, your customers search for dental practitioners online using the search engines. Your site needs to be optimized for these search engines. We can help you with the right SEO process
Before the Internet, people had to be together in one place. And they had to socialize in groups with people of similar interests
With popular social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, people socialize online all the time. And the influence of social interfaces is growing. Not only can we set up your profiles we will also help you manage it by posting relevant content regularly.
Before the Internet, word of mouth was key in sharing good and bad opinions about a dental practice. Written opinions were also circulated. But opinions were not widely shared and not permanent.
Today, opinions are shared instantly online. Since these reviews can be permanent, you need to be proactive about them. With CQC having started to monitor reviews on NHS Choices, properly managing reviews can strengthen your dental practice’s reputation
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